The acronym RSS has multiple definitions, but one of the most common translations is Real Simple Syndication. It allows users to view frequently published content, such as blogs (i.e. my trip logs) in their web browser. The site creates a file which describes the content and when it was created. When you connect to the site via this method, you're presented with an index showing the new content.

This is great if you follow multiple blogs from multiple sources and you don't want to have you mailbox overrun with e-mail containing the content. And the very nice thing is that your current web browser already has an RSS viewer built into it!

First off, you need to subscribe to the feed. You can do this by clicking on the following symbol: RSS Feed which is the standard indication of an RSS feed. This will open a web browser window showing an index of the last 15 logs that I've published. To subscribe to the RSS feed, follow one of these instructions:

Note that by subscribing you won't receive any additional e-mails from me. All that will happen is that your browser will automatically check for new content and this will only be shown when you view the RSS feed in your browser.

To view new content, follow one of these instructions based upon your browser:

I think that you'll find this a very nice way to view the content and catch up on any logs that you may have missed.

[May 8, 2008] Both RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0 feeds have been implemented. The ATOM feed is located here RSS Feed

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