Manjack Cay, Abacos

Thursday, June 22, 2006

026-49.020 N
077-21.900 W
Marine forecast for this location

Ahoy from Manjack Cay in the Abacos!

Manjack is only 5 miles away from Green Turtle Cay, but you might as well be 50 miles away. Gone are the wakes from local power boats (you still get the big wakes from big trawlers) as well as the lights from the "city." We motored over here mid-afternoon and thought that we'd drop the anchor in a nice sand patch as identified by the bright green patches. Well, it doesn't quite work that way here as the bright areas are 1" of sand over rock. What you want to look for are the darker patches which are sea grass with enough sand trapped under them to sink an anchor.

After getting ourselves situated we took off exploring in the dinghy. We went out through Manjack harbor on E side of the anchorage and found it to be shallow. When the charts say 1-2', believe it. When we hit the Atlantic side we saw a mooring ball out at a reef. We beat our way out to it and had an OK snorkel. Lots of algae, but when we got back to the boat and looked at the description of the site, it said that it was primarily algae...Who can argue?

After that we explored the beaches on Crab and Fiddle cays, and much to Sue's chagrin we didn't find many shells.

The plan is to dive at one of the balls later this AM and then move to Allans-Pensacola Cay, which is about 25 miles away.

-- Geoff & Sue
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