Clearing out of Costa Rica at Golfito

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Costa Rica

008-37.280 N
083-9.000 W
Marine forecast for this location

We just cleared out of Costa Rica in Golfito and here is how we did it. Note that this differs from the Sarana guide, but we think that it's a better procedure. We were docked at Fish Hook marina, so we're as far from anything as anyone could be.

  1. Make 3 copies of each: zarpe, passport, crew list signed by the captain, temporary import permit (TIP), and boat documentation.
  2. Walk about 1/2 of a mile to the Immigration office, which is on the N side of the street.
  3. The spoke excellent English and will collate all of these documents into groups for each department that you need to visit.
  4. Take a taxi to the customs (aduana) office at the Libre Zone. The office is hard to find, but look for a ATM on the corner of a building and follow the sidewalk towards the street. You'll see a sign for Customs.
  5. There only seems to be 1 woman who handles boat papers. Give her the packet of information containing your original TIP. You will have to fill out a form requesting that your TIP be closed or suspended for the remainder it's valid period. We suggest that you select "suspend" in case you need to come back into Costa Rica for any reason. If it is closed, the boat will not be allowed back in for 90 days. They will give you a document showing this.
  6. Leave the Aduana and look for the guarded entrance to the Libre Zone. Tell the guard that you want to go to the Banco National. Walk through the Libre Zone and you'll see the bank office.
  7. At the bank office pay them ($20 for boats less than 50' and ???? for boats greater than 50'). Have them make up a receipt with the following language (we had this written out and handed it to the teller who knew exactly what to do):

    Un entero de gobierno
    Zarpe International ley 8000
    A nombre de la embarcation
    <boat name on documentation>, Matricula # <boat documentation number>

  8. Take a taxi to the Port Captains office (Capitania de Puerto)
  9. Give him the packet of information containing your original zarpe & the receipt that you got from the bank. Fill out the form stating when you're leaving and your next port of call.
  10. Collect your international zarpe and walk out to the road. The MegaSuper is just down the road to the right, so if you need to do some shopping, this is a good time.
  11. Walk or take a taxi back to the marina.

It took us about 3 hours to do this. Only the captain needs to go.

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