Bye Bahamas - Charleston Here We Come!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

027-14.040 N
078-21.060 W
Marine forecast for this location

Ahoy from the crew of the BlueJacket!

As I suggested in yesterday's log, we didn't depart due to the weather. And boy am I glad that we didn't! All day long we had line after line of thundershowers move through. The sky would turn black, you'd feel the cold wind descending, you'd get hit by the leading edge of the storm and then it pour so hard that you could barely see 100 feet. Most of the wind gusts that we experienced were in the 35 kt (40 MPH) range, but the last line that moved through late yesterday afternoon hit 52 Kts (60 MPH)! When you get hit with winds like that the boat gets pinned to one side of the anchor and gets heeled over. At one point I looked at the inclinometer and saw that we were at close to 10 degrees over! I'm just glad that we were at anchor and not at sea.

Today looks like a beautiful day to depart. The skies are mostly clear and there's a light breeze out of the S. I'm actually worried that it's too light as were headed NW and then N, so we might not have enough wind to sail. Well, the seas will be calm, which is what Sue likes. The trip to Charleston, SC is about 360 miles. Typically that would be a 3 day sail, but we'll be in the Gulf Stream which should add 2-4 kts to our speed. I'm hoping to do the trip in 58 hours, but that all depends on the wind. We'll keep you updated.

-- Geoff & Sue
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