BlueJacket completes transit of Panama Canal today

Thursday, April 17, 2014

009-15.660 N
079-54.160 W
Marine forecast for this location

This is just a quick note to let you know that we made it through the locks on the Pacific side and across Lake Gatun. Unfortunately we were delayed in getting through the locks and weren't able to downlock through the Gatun locks and as a result we spent the night on a mooring ball in the lake.

The trip through the locks went extremely smoothly. We had 3 advisors on board, 2 of whom are in training. They were great and provided very good instructions. Everything went as well as could be expected. We definitely had a full boat with 3 line handlers, 3 advisors and Sue & I. Sue did a great job of keeping everyone fed and happy!

Today we're expecting the advisor(s) aboard at 7 AM (central time) and we should be going through the lock around 8 AM. I think that there are web cams that you can watch at

-- Geoff & Sue

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