Allans-Pensacola Cay, Abacos

Friday, June 23, 2006

026-59.340 N
077-41.520 W
Marine forecast for this location

Ahoy from Allans-Pensacola Cay in the Abacos!

We had a great sail here yesterday making 6-7 kts on a beam reach with 15+ kts. Allans-Pensacola cay is about 25 miles from Manjack Cay. You definately have to do some weaving around shallow spots. One spot on the chart showed 7' and we saw 7'1" WITH 0.8' of tide. I think that our wing keel bumped a few times as we were healed over 10 degrees at various times.

A thunderstorm arrived just as we were getting ready to pull into the anchorage. We dropped the sails when we saw it approaching and then motored very slowly towards the anchorage. We arrived at our destination just as the sun broke through. We anchored N of the Allans Cay Rocks and in NE winds it was rocky. We should have moved further in and/or S. We anchored in 7' of thin grass. I must admit that I thought that we would have had the anchorage to ourselves, but instead there were 5 other boats here. Once you pass Green Turtle, the population and facilities really thins out. I guess that these boats are also headed to the Bahamas or on their way out.

We explored the W side of the anchorage as well as Guineaman's Cay, which is just NW of here. On Guineaman's Cay we found tons of sea biscuits and lots of baby conchs. We've never seen baby (1-2" shells) before and that was really cool. We also snorkeled the rocks behind the anchorage and the rock furthest to the N had quite a bit of sea life. I was impressed. I had planned on diving this AM at Manjack, but the winds & seas were up too much to go. The same problem existed when we arrived here as I was told that there was good diving just outside of Guineaman's Cay.

Today it's on to Double Breasted Cays, which is about a 40 mile sail. There's a low pressure system developing tonight and Double Breasted

-- Geoff & Sue
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