Water Cay

Sunday, May 16, 2004

017-22.860 N
088-4.440 W
Marine forecast for this location

Ahoy from Water Cay, Belize!

Hey, we finally made it out of Cucumber Beach Marina! Yeah!!! The weather has been conspiring against us. For the past several nights we had storms blow through with sustained winds in the upper 30 kt (40-45 mph) range with gusts in the upper 40s (55 mph). Believe me, I was really glad to be tied up to a dock. The marina has been filling up with boats coming in to escape the storms while at anchor at night. Last nights storm lasted for about 10 hours and we got about 3" of rain.

Today dawned cloudy and grey, but the winds had subsided. We had been having 20+ kts out of the east which pinned Lone Star Love to their dock and I was afraid getting blown onto the boat beside me. Of course the forecast from the National Weather Service showed 15-20 kts and no sign of what has been generating these storms. Given the opportunity to escape the marina we settled the bills and got the boats ready to cast off the lines. Greg had to run into Belize City to buy a GALLON of Marie Sharp's extra spicy hot sauce. He uses it like catsup and I think that the only thing that Greg doesn't put hot sauce on is ice cream...Anyhow, after he returned we pulled out of the marina and headed to Turneffe Island.

The skies looked threatening with extremely broad thunderheads hiding behind low clouds. An hour or so out heavy bands of rain moving towards us appeared on the radar. We pulled down our sails and headed towards Water Cay for some protection. We were about a mile out when the rains and wind struck, but thankfully we only had 28 kts of wind and the rain had blown thru by the time that we were ready to drop the hooks.

After hand setting the anchor I scrubbed the boat down and sat back to enjoy our first day at hook in a month. Yeah! Tomorrow it's on to Turneffe and with any luck we won't have any storms tonight.

-- Geoff & Sue
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