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Wednesday, March 2, 2011
California, USA

032-37.324 N
117-6.055 W
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Ahoy from the crew of the BlueJacket!

Baja RouteBelieve it or not, but it's almost time to for us to head out cruising! In reality, this is much later than when we normally leave, but we've been enjoying the skiing too much, and have gotten in close to 30 days this season. So, if anyone needs anything from us, or would like to see us before we go, you had better contact us soon.

On March 8th we'll hop aboard a plane bound for San Diego and then we'll spend about a week getting BlueJacket put back together. Then we'll start moving our way down the Baja coastline. It's 900+ miles from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, which is at the tip of the Baja, so we're going to take our time and day-hop down the coastline. Once we get to Cabo, we'll begin working our way about 500 miles up the Sea of Cortez (aka Gulf of California) before we once again head south and end up in Guaymas, which is where we'll leave BlueJacket for hurricane season.

All in all it should be an interesting trip with lots of challenges, not the least of which will be the Spanish language. But we've gotten through things like this before and we're not worried.

Everyone keeps asking us about security issues, especially due to the drug cartel violence. The good news is that most of the violence is cartel against cartel and is primarily located on the border areas. The Baja area has been specifically noted by the US State Department as being relatively safe. Of course we'll keep our eyes peeled and danger antennas up and we'll leave if we feel that something isn't right. That's the nice thing about a boat...if you don't like your neighbors you just pick up you anchor and move!

BlueJacket should be in great shape. She's sitting in a marina in Chula Vista, CA which is at the S end of San Diego bay. We've had someone looking after her and she's been getting a monthly bath, so I hope that we won't have much to do once we get there. I'm sure that there will be some issues, but the good news is that I've repaired just about every system onboard, so I shouldn't have problems that I can't deal with.

Anyhow, hopefully we'll see you soon or we'll see you after we return in June/July. If we don't see you before we leave, have a great winter/spring and please, drop us a line from time to time. It's nice to hear from friends!

-- Geoff & Sue

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