Guadeloupe - The Saints

Friday, March 2, 2001
Eastern Caribbean

015-52.140 N
061-36.000 W
Marine forecast for this location

Friday night, March 2, 2001] Tonight is one of those nights where it's good to be alive. I feel as though my life has been full of those lately, but tonight is one of those spectacular nights where everything comes together.

BlueJacket in Anse de SucarRight now BlueJacket is anchored off of Anse de Sucar, which is in The Saints which is off southern Guadeloupe. It's a small chain of islands which has spectacularly clear water and little development. Today I marveled at the pure aqua water which BlueJacket was anchored in and which led up to a white sand palm tree lined beach.

Right now I'm looking at a quarter moon in a night sky filled by puff ball clouds. How does it get better than this? I can't imagine. And believe me, each day I thank the people and events that have allowed me to live this life. I know that I am highly privileged to do this. One reason that I invite people down here is that it's too beautiful not to share.

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