Block Island, RI

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Rhode Island, USA

041-11.700 N
071-34.980 W
Marine forecast for this location

Ahoy from the crew of the BlueJacket!

I'm happy to report that we're underway once again. We're currently in Block Island, RI, which is at the boarder between RI and CT. We had a very nice motor-sail here yesterday, with light winds just off the nose and seas that were very kind. Block Island is SW on Newport, and during the summer the average wind is out of the SW, so it's very hard to actually sail here.

It was really nice to wander around the island when it isn't jammed with tourists. Believe me, we're here at early, as many of the shops are only open on the weekends and you can cross roads without having to run. It's a beautiful place and I really enjoyed stopping here.

Before I forget, we did see a transport ship from Dockwise when we were near Newport. The Dockwise ships transport boats all over the world. The way that they do it is pretty cool. When they pull into a port, they partially submerge allowing boats to be loaded/unloaded by simply driving onto waiting cradles. Then the re-float themselves and move on to their next port. I've never seen this before and got some good photos.

Last night we had a dense fog bank roll over us and all night long you could hear the rigging dripping on the deck. I had envisioned sitting in the cockpit and watching the sun set with a glass of wine in my hand, but that wasn't to be. That will just happen later. Now we're just waiting for the fog to burn off, as we've only got about 100 yards of visibility. Today we're headed to Mystic, CT where we'll hang out for a couple of days.

-- Geoff & Sue

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