Bimini: Wreck of the Sapona - Video

Sunday, March 25, 2007

025-39.060 N
079-17.640 W
Marine forecast for this location

Since we're stuck here I've had time to dive and work on photos and a video of the wreck of the Sapona. The 270-foot Sapona was built by Henry Ford in 1911. She served as a troop transport for just one trip during World War I. After the war, the Sapona was used by rum-runners between the Bahamas and Florida during Prohibition. Some say she was anchored and turned in to a private drinking and gambling club or simply a storage warehouse for rum. A hurricane in the late 1920s drove the ship aground between South Bimini and Cat Cay, where she only partially submerged. Today, the Sapona is very popular with divers and snorklers. A large portion of the ship remains above water and was very photogenic.

This video is also available via YouTube.

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