Geoff Schultz's BlueJacket Sailing Site

BlueJacket Welcome to the BlueJacket web site! This site provides extensive photos and logs of the sailing and diving adventures aboard the BlueJacket, which is a Freedom 40/40 sailboat. In the past 20 years we've sailed close to 50,000 miles, covering virtually all of the East coast of the US and Canada, the Great Lakes, most of the Caribbean and now the Pacific. Click here for a map of travel since 1998.

2017 didn't turn out as expected as we got struck by lightning while on the hard, which put an end to our cruising that year. We got the boat repaired and are spending the 2018 cruising season in Belize.

We installed an Iridium Go! satellite communication system on BlueJacket which will provide almost realtime position updates on a map. Click on the link under "Position Map" to see our track over the past 2 weeks.

I have completely redone my photo albums using a new gallery system which provides much higher resolution images, supports mobile devices and does lots of other nifty stuff. Almost all of the images have been "geo-coded" with position data showing where they were taken. Click on the "Map" link to see where the photos were taken. You can also create an account and leave comments on photos.

Sue's BlueJacket Cookbook is now on-line. It contains well over 400 recipes that she's gathered over the years from cruising friends, land based friends, family and various other sources. You can download the (24 MB) PDF file. If you use recipe software you can also download the MX2 (278 KB) or FDXZ (18 MB) files. Bon Appetit!

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